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Microwave Electrical Testing

Microwave Testing

Microwave ovens are used in homes, offices, restaurants and cafes.

Microwave oven users are often worried about the potential hazard from the exposure to microwave radiation leakage.

Faulty or old Microwaves can leak radiation that can be harmful. This leakage often occurs from faulty or worn out door seals.

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microwave testing

How to test a Microwave?

A Pulse Test and Tag technician will use a digital microwave leakage tester to check the radiation and leakage levels as well as efficiency in power output. The microwave must meet the maximum limit of 5mW/cm2. Once this process has been completed and is compliant, the microwave is tested, tagged and added to the report.

Why does a microwave leak radiation?

A Microwave oven has a seal around the perimeter of the door of the microwave, over time this seal can become worn, congested with food particles or from poor up keep of the unit. If these seals break or lose their sealing ability, they can leak radiation. Regular inspection and microwave testing can determine if any leakage above the acceptable limit is present.

What if my microwave fails the radiation limit?

If after testing the Microwave, the seals have proven to be faulty and excessive radiation is leaking, the customer will be notified and a faulty sticker will be applied. At this time, the client could opt to have a new Microwave seal installed to the appliance or dispose of the microwave ensuring no harmful radiation is leaking outside of the unit.

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