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Test and Tagging

Test and Tagging is the process of checking electrical equipment In accordance with the Australian Standards AS/NZS 3760:2012 as extracted below

“Electrical Equipment needs to be subject to regular inspection and testing to detect obvious damage & wear”

Three Phase Testing

Three Phase Testing involves the same visual inspection, testing, labelling and reporting and recording of the results.

3 Phase switch sockets are often found in an industrial environment where high voltage is required to run heavy machinery.

RCD/ Safety Switches

RCD’s ( Residual Current Device) otherwise known as Safety Switches play a very important role both the workplace and home when relating to electrical safety.

Microwave Testing

Microwave ovens are used in homes, offices, restaurants and cafes.

Microwave oven users are often worried about the potential hazard from the exposure to microwave radiation leakage.

Visual and Defect Report

All Pulse Test & Tag customers receive a detailed report in a PDF or Spreadsheet format on the completion of our work.

A visual inspection of plugs, sockets, the appliance and the entire length of the cord is performed.  In doing this our technician is checking for any damage, signs of heating or melting, pitted or corroded pins, non-conforming changes to the cord or end connections and the overall general condition of the item.

Plug top replacement

Plug top replacement is the process of removing the plug end when damaged and replacing with a new compliant plug. This process is performed by Pulse Test and Tag after a visual inspection has been completed and the technician can see visual damage such as discolouration around the plug, corroded pins or a loose connection through a transparent plug surround.

Fire extinguisher testing

Pulse Test and Tag can conduct the test of your portable Fire Extinguishers, Fire Blankets, Hose Reels and Hydrants*

Properly maintained fire equipment can help save lives and your business. Fire extinguishers are the fastest way of protecting your business when a fire occurs. Maintenance and regular inspections are very important to ensure that in the case of an emergency the equipment is fully functional.

Exit and Emergency Lights

Emergency and Exit lighting is required in the unfortunate circumstance where power could be cut to the location during an emergency or a power failure. The Emergency lights illuminate allowing a safe and visible passage to the nearest exit. Tests are conducted every 6 months and Pulse Test and Tag ensure the batteries are fully charged and the lights are working and functional under test conditions to the Australian Standard AS2293.2.

Extension Lead Testing

Extension leads are often twisted, pulled, driven over or left in compromising spots. For this reason, Pulse conduct a visual inspection of the insulation of the lead, looking for abrasions as well as checking the pins and plug end.
Tests which are performed include Earth Continuity, Insulation Resistance and Polarity after the visual inspection.

Power Tools

Power tools are often susceptible to being abused on a worksite, these power tools are also under heavy duress so regular inspections are very important. Pulse Test and Tag complete visually inspection the cable and plug end for signs of damage and wear and tear before performing a test using our state of the art PAT (Portable Appliance Tester) to carry out the test and ensure the appliance is safe and compliant.

Computers / Laptops / Chargers

Computers, monitors, laptop chargers and all IT equipment, Printers, plotters, scanners, electrically connected phone and security systems all have an item that plugs into a power point needs to be tested.

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