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Is your business safe and compliant with electrical safety standards?

Pulse Test And Tag Geebung are friendly and fully trained testing and tagging professionals that aim to keep your business up to date with industry safety standards.

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Did you know that according to Australian Safety Standards AS/NZS3760:2010 it is the responsibility of the employer, self-employed person or individual in charge of the workplace to maintain a safe working environment for employees? This includes testing and tagging electrical appliances to ensure they are safe from danger.

At Pulse Test And Tag Geebung, electrical safety is our passion. Our technicians are driven to lower the statistics of injury or death caused by electrical fires in Australia. Our great attention to detail is what sets us apart from our competition, we believe that when it comes to the safety of your staff, customers and your business; there is no room for error. Pulse Test And Tag Geebung are also fully insured and available after office hours to ensure minimal disruption to your daily business operations.

Pulse Test And Tag Geebung are available in

Aspley, Zillmere, Taigum, Fitzgibbon, Boondall, Geebung, Virginia and surrounding suburbs. Our competitive rates mean you will get the best quality service at a great rate.

The testing and tagging process:

The testing and tagging process consists of four primary stages; visual inspection, electrical testing, tagging of items and recording the data. Through this process, our technicians will be able to identify any electrical devices that may be dangerous and promptly remove them from operation keeping you and your employees safe.

Visual Inspection:

During the visual inspection, our operators will examine the exterior components of the device or chord to ensure there is no damage evident. Damage that can occur include; overheating, non-conforming changes to the cord or connections to assess the condition of them.

Electrical Testing:

Using a Portable Appliance Tester, the Pulse Test And Tag technician will conduct a test on the device that will measure earth resistance, current leakage, polarity and timed trip tests. From these electrical tests the device will receive either a pass or fail result.

Tagging of items:

Items that have passed the visual inspection and the electrical testing will receive a detailed tag to indicate what the items is, the pass result and when the item is due to be retested among other details. Failed items will be removed, tagged with a fail tag and given to the individual in charge.

Recording the data:

All items will be recorded on a detailed register that will be presented to the client. All details about each item will be listed as well as comments from our operators about the specific item.

For added convenience Pulse Test And Tag Geebung also offer testing of three phase appliances. An Pulse technician will come to your home or workplace and can conduct 3 types of tests: an earth bond test, insulation resistance test and leakage test. All items will also undergo a visual test to ensure items are safe to use and are not at risk of becoming faulty.

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