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At Pulse Test and Tag Gungahlin the safety of you and your workplace is our priority!

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Did you know that business owners are responsible for ensuring that all electrical equipment is tested and tagged according to Occupational Health and Safety Standards?

With over ten years of experience working in Government Compliance, David from Pulse Test And Tag Gungahlin understands the intricacies of Australian electrical standards and importance of electrical safety in home and workplaces.

Pulse Test And Tag Gungahlin provide a testing program using the latest Metrel DeltaPat testing equipment to ensure the safety of your staff and clientele when using electrical equipment in accordance with the relevant Occupational Health and Safety Legislation.

Is your business safe and compliant?

The Safety Inspection and Testing performed by Pulse Test And Tag Gungahlin fully complies with the obligations of today’s Australian Standards AS3760:2010, whilst being carried out in a cost-effective method without risking personnel safety or involving lengthy equipment downtime. The Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHS Act) requires all employers to provide and maintain a safe working environment for employees, independent contractors and anybody else that may come on to their site. All portable electrical appliances, leads and power boards should be tested & tagged on a regular basis and the results kept in a log as outlined in the Australian Standards.

If you have a fire and it is found to be caused by a portable electrical appliance or lead being faulty and it has not been tested by a qualified person– you may not be covered by your insurance. Don’t take the risk. Testing and tagging reduces the chance of injury or damage and potentially saves lives.

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All portable electrical appliances and leads are first visually inspected, then put through a comprehensive testing using a Portable Appliance Tester (PAT) to check earth continuity, insulation, leakage and polarity. Once tested the appliance is tagged and dated with the next due dates or a failure tag and you will be as advised of the best option regarding that item. A log of all test results is then provided to the customer and a copy kept free of charge by Pulse Test And Tag Gungahlin. Depending on the environment the following test is scheduled and our friendly team will call leading up to that date to make a booking at a time that best suits the client.

Fully licensed

Public liability insured

We come to you

No call-out fees charged

No expensive hourly rates charged

Log of all test results provided and a copy kept free of charge

Free quotes and competitive pricing

Minimal disruption to work place

A visual check of all appliances and electrical leads to identify any problems or defects and testing of:

Electrical appliances

Portable Air Conditioners and Heaters

Printers and Fax Machines

Computers Monitors and Laptops

Power Tools

Extension Leads

Power cables and boards

Battery Charges


RCD Test and Tag

3 Phase Test and Tag

Household appliances

Kitchen Appliances – Fridges, Kettles, Coffee Machines, Sandwich Makers, etc

Electrical plug replacement and Microwave leakage testing

Plug Top Replacement of 240V single phase electrical plugs and sockets

Three Phase 415V Appliance Test and Tag

OHS Construction Induction White Card

Working with Vulnerable People Registration

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Safety in your home

Protect your loved ones at home by having the appliances in your home checked. There are regulations in place to keep you safe at work but most often it’s the safety at home which is often neglected.

 Pulse Test And Tag Gungahlin always aim to improve with ongoing up to date technical and customer service training to ensure total customer satisfaction. Pulse operators have completed the following nationally recognised qualification designed to provide the skills and competency required to test and tag and hold current license number TTT25923.

UEENEEP026A – Conduct in-service testing of electrical cord connected equipment and cord assemblies

UEENEEE101A – Apply Occupational Health and Safety regulations, codes of practices in the workplace

When you contact or meet Pulse Test And Tag Gungahlin you will always receive prompt responses to queries, as well as a punctual service. Pulse pride ourselves on offering you an affordable, reliable, honest and professional service. If you are in need of testing and tagging call Pulse Test And Tag Gungahlin today.

Available throughout Gungahlin, Mitchell and surrounding suburbs.  

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