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Hello, my name is Lindsay and I’m your local technician from Pulse Test And Tag Salisbury. Test and Tag is an easy, cost effective and one of the most effective control measures for electrical risk in the workplace. I provide a full Test and Tag service at your workplace, job site or home. My aim is to provide businesses in my area with a safe electrical working environment which will also give you the peace of mind that you will be compliant with the current regulations.


I am extremely conscious of an employer’s obligations to uphold Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) regulations to protect the safety and well-being of your customers and staff. My obligation to you is to visually and electronically test your electrical appliances and cord sets for safety in accordance with Australian Standards and tag them for compliance.


I am conscious of employee distractions and will undertake your testing with the utmost professionalism and duty of care for my clients. I am diligent, courteous and act in a professional manner with my client’s best interests in mind. For your safety and peace of mind, I am fully insured and possess a National Police Check.


To book a job or for an obligation free quote call today on 18004ATEST ( 1800 428 378 )

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Pulse Test And Tag Salisbury offers a range of services including:

Single Phase Testing

Three Phase Testing

Microwave Radiation Testing

Replacement of hazardous power boards & leads

Pulse Test And Tag Salisbury services the following areas:

Salisbury, Hillbank, Elizabeth East, Elizabeth Vale, Brahma Lodge,

Elizabeth South, Elizabeth Grove, Salisbury Park, Salisbury Plain, Elizabeth,

Paralowie, Salisbury North, Burton, Virginia, Waterloo Corner,

Penfield, Direk, Buckland Park, Penfield Gardens, Edinburgh,

Bolivar, Elizabeth West, Port Gawler Conservation Park, St Kilda.


Most electrical items are 10 Amp rated, some can be 15 Amp and very occasionally 20 Amp. You don’t need to worry about what amp rating the item is, I will test accordingly and let you know if the correct outlets are being used.

Test and Tag of electrical items is not just a once off process. Equipment will suffer from wear and tear and accidental occurrences. For these reasons, there are regulations in place that require a set frequency of testing. The Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760 gives a table for Testing and Inspection intervals. Depending on the type of environment you are working in, testing is carried out every 3, 6, 12 or 24 months. This will be discussed before I start testing your equipment.

Testing of single phase items is done using the following procedure:

Visual inspection

Electronic test

Tag the item

Visual Inspection:

A visual inspection of plugs, sockets, the appliance and the entire length of the cord is performed.

In doing this I am checking for any damage, signs of heating or melting, pitted or corroded pins, non-conforming changes to the cord or end connections and the overall general condition of the item.

Electronic Test:

All items are then tested electronically using my Portable Appliance Tester checking for dangers that cannot be detected by the human eye.

Tests performed include insulation resistance, earth resistance, current leakage, polarity and timed trip tests for portable and fixed RCD’s.

The portable appliance tester will provide me with a Pass or Fail result, together with the relevant detailed results of each test.

Tag the Item:

Upon completion of the visual and electronic tests, I can determine if the appliance or item passes or fails all required tests.

Regardless of the result, a tag is always attached.

Recording the results

When testing, I need to have the item powered off so I can unplug it from the power point and fully test it. Full consultation with the customer will be made before I start unplugging items. After testing, the item will be returned and reconnected to its original location.

When testing computers, I recommend that the operator saves any documents in use, closes all opened programs and turns the computer off. After testing I will restart the computer ready for use again.

A Pass Result:

When an item passes all tests:

 A tag is placed on the cord near the plug.

Our tags are self-laminating, heavy duty and durable ensuring they will stay fixed to the cord.

Tags vary in colour to suit the duration of the frequency period.

It is important that for 3 monthly testing the required colour for that particular period is used; red, blue, green or yellow.

A Fail Result:

When an item fails I will do the following:

Withdraw the item from service.

Tag the item with a Danger Tag – specify the fault

Log the fault

Notify the responsible person

All tags have the following information:

The Pulse logo and phone number

The technicians name, phone number and Certification number

An identification number for each particular item

The test date

The retest date

Reference to the Australian Standard – AS/NZS 3760

Recording The Results:

Recording the results of the tests is just as important as doing the tests.

Test results are issued for all jobs and show a complete record of the work done.

Result Sheets will show:

Customer and operator details

Test date

The tag number

The location of the item

A description of the item

The make and model of the item

The frequency of retesting

The retest date

The visual and overall result – Pass or Fail

The Class of the item – this varies and determines the types of tests performed

Full listings of the actual results from the portable appliance tester

A table showing the parameters for each test

Results comments section to describe any repairs, recommendations or failures

In addition to these data sheets, a Notification of Compliance form is also provided which gives an easy overview of the testing performed. These forms are often requested by insurance companies as a record that testing has been done.


Pricing for single phase Test and Tag is a per tag cost. These costs are all inclusive of the above procedures and there is no call out fees.

Up to 10 items – $49.95 + GST. This becomes our minimum charge

If there are more than 10 items then a flat rate of $3.95 + GST applies.

Large quantities of items can be at a negotiated rate

For more than 1000 items, the rate is $2.95 + GST per item

Replacement items I carry in stock:

4 outlet power boards

6 outlet power boards

2 metre extension leads

3 metre extension leads

5 metre extension leads

These items are sold with little or no cost increase above my purchase price.

This is a service provided to ensure the workplace is operational when I leave.

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Bob van Goozen
Bob van Goozen
I recommend Pulse Test & Tag
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We have used Pulse Test & Tag for a little over 14 months now and find the service provided by them second-to-none. They lets us know when the tests are due and they carry them out on time with minimum disruption to our busy staff. I would have no hesitation in recommending Pulse Test & Tag.
Fred Marks
Fred Marks
Quality and Reliability
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After acquiring the services of Pulse Test and Tag two years ago to Test and Tag all my equipment, I can not speak highly enough of their quality and reliability. Being a former electrician, my standards are high and they exceeded those expectations.
Awesome Tagging!
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Pulse Test and Tag has been looking after my small business for over a year now now.When you call Pulse, you can be reassured you are dealing with a professional team who has your businesses safety at interest. Could not be happier and will use there services for years to come.
Just What We Needed
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Pulse Test and Tag has far exceeded my expectations of service and quality. Over the last year my business has been made safer and bought up to code thanks for pulse. Thank you Pulse test and tag for seeing my vision and for making it come true.


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